Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glass painting - Poppy on the vase

Painting on curved surface.... class....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturdays Glass Painting Class ......

One of the students,.. my friend , Zu attended the Saturday class...
After a few practices on outlining in the class....Zu started her first outlining project ...
Initially feel tense to complete one floral frame design

However she managed to complete it and leave it to dry before the colouring class..
She did extra homework and completed her outlining projects of her own choice... Daffodils,Yellow Ducklings and Picture Frame border.
Congratulations Zu! now you could do the outlining confidently on any flat surface .
That's the satisfaction ..when your students achieved to create their projects...

Frame Border

Zu colouring the intricate design of the Daffodils
The completed Daffodils frame...You'll see this at her office soon...to be displayed
She started to do the colouring on the Yellow Ducklings ...
She completed colouring the 3 Yellow Ducklings and to continue .......

Yati and her outlining...

Dear readers of this blog if you want to have your own experience on Glass Painting , feel free to contact 013-3530131 or e-mail :mal9119@gmail.com to make an appointments for your class.We accept all categories of students from 10years old and above...

Friday, May 15, 2009

PEBEO Paints

For the benefits and ease of our dear friends in Malaysia we do accept orders for PEBEO glass paints.

VITREA 160 –GLOSS (45ml bottle)

01 Sun Yellow

02 Saffron Yellow

03 Paprika

04 Pepper Red

05 Indian Red

06 Bengal Pink

07 Amaranthine

08 Lazuli

09 Sapphire

10 Lacquer Blue

11 Turquoise

12 Emerald

13 Oriental Green

14 Sandalwood Green

15 Tea Green

16 Crimson

17 Amber

18 Earth Brown

19 Ink Black

20 Veil White

Vitrea Frosted Colours in 45 ml bottle

30 Lemon

31 Orange

32 Grenadine

33 Pink

34 Mauve

35 Blue

36 Azure

37 Mint

38 Aniseed

39 Cloud

Vitrea Transparent Relief in 20ml tube

60 Sun Yellow

61 Paprika

62 Pepper Red

63 Turquoise

64 Lazuli

65 Emerald

66 Ink Black

67 Pearl

68 Gold

69 Pewter

Vitrea 160 Auxiliary Products in 5ml bottles

50 Diluant

51 Iridescent Medium

52 Gloss Medium

53 Frosted Medium

54 Crackling Medium (Step 1)

55 Crackling Medium (step 2)

To order please specify the code, description and quantity.

The price of each item is RM 19.90.

Postage Fee will be charged separately based on the weight and destination.

Items can be ordered via :

Sweets Planet (M) Sdn Bhd

19-2 Jalan Jelatek 2

Jelatek Business Park

54200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 013-3530131 (Kamaliah)

E-mail: mal9119@gmail.com

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Red Rose & Purple Ribbon Glass Painting Design - Wedding

Preparation for the VIP gifts - Red Rose & Purple Ribbon on glass for Hafizah's wedding.

From various available designs and after discussions with Fizah and her parents the choice of Red Rose and Purple ribbon was chosen to suit with their event theme pink/purple...

Production started weeks before the wedding date...since the design is more on fine art,tedious process from outlining to colour filling and finally embellishing... .

Just to share the steps taken...

Hah!...at last on the dining table.....

More on my Picasaweb album

From Hand Painted Wedding Glasses for Hafizah's wedding

Wedding Hafizah and Mustaqim

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Students & products

Athira and Syieda

My student Sonal from India starting to do the outlining

Sonal showing her product

Parrot in the cage by Sonal

My creation : Tulips on the vase

Glass Painting Class - Saturday & Sunday

Due to request from friends ,now I'm organising glass painting class on Saturday and Sunday,25th-26th April 2009 2.30pm-5.30pm at 19-2 Jalan Jelatek 2, Jelatek Business Park , 54200 Kuala Lumpur. It is near to Setiawangsa LRT station same block with KRU and above Wani Pesona. We will not have classes on 2-3rd May 2009.

For those interested please book your seats early....as places are limited. However soon we will expand the capacity of the class..Please make your appointments for classes early...

Enjoy creating your own products!....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tea Candle holders

The plain tea candle holders will look different and unique.You can design to match the theme colour or design depending on your events.Even a small kid can create an abstract design on the tea candle holder. See below this is the product of a 3yr old kid trying to finish-off mum's paint..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Fees for School Leavers and Unemployed

Special fees for our glass painting classes for school leavers and unemployed.Limited period only...From as low as RM50 you could generate income or for those getting married will save hundreds or thousands on your wedding gifts..
Contact: Kak Mal-013-3530131

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wedding Preparation

Wedding is the most looked forward event in your life.You would like the event to be the most memorable event once in a lifetime - or may be not for some people..

To ensure smooth running of your event all the nitty-gritty activities need to be attended to but..what are the items that need to be focused besides money ..don't have much time to research..don't worry this might assist you to save time and cost..

The moments throughout the event to be captured as memories to be kept for generations.Our photographer would be able to assist you..

Gifts for the guest to be selected but ..you want to be unique..you may want those to be your own creation that you can be proud of ..plan ahead... you could create this on your own...with our guide..

Tea candle holders:

Varieties of hand-painted glasses collection:

Contact 013-3530131 or e-mail:mal9119@gmail.com